Cocotte. French to the heart

A Parisian brasserie-inspired restaurant in the quaint neighbourhood of NoHo. Cocotte is the chic, relaxed and casual concept of French brothers Jonathan, Brice and Petrous Moldovan. Designed as an intimate, vibrant space featuring eclectic wallpapers, mid-century lines and art deco curves.

Cocotte focuses on seasonal ingredients and offers home-cooked like dishes with a gastro touch, presenting a refined and modern take on French favourites. We look forward to welcoming you to our petit slice of Paris in the heart of Hong Kong’s dining district.


co.cotte [ko-kot] noun

first origin; first use 1865

  1. 1. casserole(pot); dutch oven
  2. 2. child talk; chicken, hen
  3. 3. term of endearment; honey, darling
  4. 4. nineteenth century lady of the night
  5. 5. french food & dining establishment